Bucharest – 22.11.2013

Between 22 – 29.11.2013 the Yellow Pages brand joins the “Black Friday” campaign by giving a 50% discount when purchasing any type of ad on the business search engine www.paginiaurii.ro.

FCR Media On Line offers discounts for Black Friday to purchase orders sent through the following ways : text message with “I want Black Friday” and your contact details on the email address contact@paginiaurii.ro, by calling the number (call charge) or directly on the site through the Online Chat service.

The new paginiaurii.ro presents an entirely new format, being redesigned to give users direct access to a comprehensive database , updated daily, where they can find the most relevant and detailed results of the companies that they are interested in, from Romania and Europe. The search engine has a separate component in English, present on the corporate website www.fcrmedia.ro