Bucharest – 02.10.2013

FCR Media On Line launches a new search platform for the most advanced and complex search engine in Romania, www.paginiaurii.ro.

The new www.paginiaurii.ro presents a whole new format being redesigned to give users direct access to a comprehensive database, updated daily, where they can find the most relevant and detailed results about the companies they are interested in. The search engine has a separate component in English, present on the corporate website.

The new site uses the most advanced technology in sorting and displaying the results, incorporating the concept of landing page, which benefits both users and spread relevant information about companies in search engines like Google.

The new interface is presented in an updated format with new services and sections introduced for easier navigation, information and a maximum degree of interactivity with users. Interactivity with the online interface is enhanced by the Online Chat service, which is a way for users to input additional dialog with the Customer team. A novelty is the section of banners and logos that refer directly to the websites of our clients.

Mobile version of www.paginiaurii.ro is the most advanced mobile directory of Romania, presented as an easily viewable interface for mobile phones that can access the internet, keeping all the rich content of the website and every detail of the listed companies as well as a search relevance algorithm.

www.fcrmedia.ro is the new corporate website of FCR Media On Line, with direct connections to the Yellow Pages search engine, containing all the information, online products / ads and details related to the company's presence and activity on the online advertising market in Romania.